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Fun fact of the day that will make you love America : technically, the moment you create anything it’s copyrighted. That doodle in your Tuesday afternoon meeting... that's art! That unique pairing of your sleeping dog with the caption “Monday got me like” ... boom, your the next social media mogul! Anything unique you create, the moment you create it, is technically copyrighted. Here's the useless (but hilarious, in my opinion) fact of the day... while everything you make is automatically copyrighted by law, you can’t defend your copyright in court unless you paid the $55 copyright right fee.
So it’s illegal for someone to copy my book, but it is also “illegal” for me to sue them for copying my book unless I paid the mob for protection... I mean, paid the government the copyright fee.
That’s like getting your house broken into, but not being able to go to the police to recover your stolen items until you pay a “that’s my stuff” fee.
Aaaaand that’s my long way of saying I finally received my copyright claim that I filed back in February. So if your thinking about writing a story that revolves around befriending a guy in a wheelchair so you can pick up girls, ride the subway for free, and have strange dude constantly buy you drinks ... think twice ! I got the law on my side now !

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